Here is a complete guide about the Livetheorangelife Login. Here you will find the all details about how you can enjoy Home Deport Benefits at If you are really looking for the all benefits and a guide about Livetheorangelife. We have also shared the registration process without any issue in a simple way. Read the detailed complete information pay&awards orangeawards.


Before knowing about benefits, we should know about livetheorangelife. The main purpose of creating this website is to provide benefits to your employees. If you are also an employee of Home Depot and want to take your reward point with the help of this website, then let me tell you, there are few steps to take it. As we all know, Home Depot is one of a very large company. In which thousands of people work. Therefore, the company makes a lot of new efforts every year to provide good and better facilities to its employees. In all these attempts, this attempt is also a new attempt.

Through this website Home Depot provides rewards to its employees with the help of which they get shopping or cash. If you are also one of those employees who work in any store of Home Depot then let me tell you that you can get your reward point with the help of the Live the Orange Live website. In this article, we will learn how you can activate it by logging into Live The Orange LIFE as well as how to use it. login

Here in this topic, we will discuss the login process. To login to Live the Orange life, you need the username and password. It can be created online by providing the important details of your employee id like the name of the employee, employee code and serial number date of birth, and other information. After providing these details you will be able to generate the username and password without any issue. if you want to know how you can create an account of Livetheorangelife, the Full procedure to active creates the username and active it online is given below.

How to Create Livetheorangelife Account?

If you are thinking about creating an account. So let me tell you, before creating an account, you must have some important information. Information such as you can create an account only when you work in any store of Home Depot. It is important that you have the ID of any store at Home Depot Company. If you have all these things, then let us know how you can create your account in a few minutes.

  • To create an account, first of all, you open the official website.
  • When the official website opens, you will see the signup or login button.
  • Click on the signup button will be at the top of the website.
  • After clicking, you will have a new user registration or login button.
  • Click on New User Registration.
  • When you proceed further, the website will ask for proof of working in Home Depot.
  • Submit proof of employment, then enter your social security number.
  • Submit proof of employment, then enter your social security number.
  • After reading some important details, the rest of your details will come automatically on the website.
  • If you fill in any details wrong, then an error page will appear in front of you. So keep in mind that all the details you fill in are correct.

Next you fill the form correctly and submit it.

Check all the information you have filled before submitting the form. If any of the given information is incorrect, then your account will not be created. So before submitting the final, you should carefully check the information given in your form.

After the format, an email will be sent to your registered email and you will see a link there.

  • Now create a new username and password to access Live the orange
  • You need to select and answer a security question, this will be useful when you need to change your password.
  • When you have completed all types of processes, after that you will be allowed to login
  • After completing the all details you need to check your username by logging in to your account. The guide to login Livetheorangelife is given below.

Livetheorangelife Login Guide

To login, you must have a valid username and password. if you don’t have the username you can create your own username and password by reading the How to Create Livetheorangelife Account on this page. if you have a valid username and password then follow the given procedure below.

  • Visit the main official website
  • There will be a link of login online on webpage . Click on that. Or you can directly reach on the page by clicking here.
  • Now, you will need to enter your livetheorangelife user id and password to login to your account.
  • After that, click on the “Log on” button.
  • Now, you can access all mythdhr benefits here.

 Livetheorangelife Benefits

If we talk about benefits, live the orange life provides many benefits. Make your family a priority and invest in your overall well-being. Take advantage of our benefit plans, programs, and resources to help you live your best and healthy life. Here i am going to share some of the important benefits of using Livetheorangelife.

  • Spending Account, Matching Gift Plan, tuition reimbursement program
  • CARE/Solutions For-life Back up Dependent Care
  • Exotic Insurance
  • Short-term and Long-term Disability Insurance, Term Life Insurance
  • Employee stock purchase plan
  • Tax-preparation Discount Program, Associate Discounts
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Tobacco Cessation System
  • Adoption Help
  • Legal Services Plan
  • A special offer of a 15% discount on any purchase from Livetheorangelife stores.
  • METDesk — Special-needs Dependents Assist

Livetheorangelife Support

If you want any kind of help related to So you can get help by going to contact support. If you need to log into the account. If you face any problem or do not understand anything else, then you can seek help by calling the number given below. Some important numbers given below will help you on the call.

  • HR Servicecenter: 866-698-4347
  • Benefits Choice Center: 800-555-4954
  • Away from USA, Puerto Rico, or Canada: 1-847-883-0557


How to Login Livetheorangelife ?

You can login your account by enteting the username and Password. Here is the complete guide given.

How to Reset Livetheorangelife password?

Go to the livetheorangelife official site.
Then, click on the Livetheorange life benefits login option.
It will take you on the login page.
Here, you will see an option “Forgot user id or password” under the log on button. Click on that.
It will redirect you on the password reset webpage.

Can i login my Livetheorangelife without username ?

No, You can not login without username.

Why can’t I see my discounts on livetheorangelife?

Maybe there is any issue at the end of the login portal. So, you should contact the support center; they will help you to resolve your issue.

Is there any app for home depot employees?

Yes, there is an official mobile application of the mythdhr livetheogrange life. So, you also can log in from your smartphone. You can download it from Google PlayStore and access it with your myapron id.